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InnoDev | July 5 | Potsdam

Join us for a one day workshop in Potsdam to learn about Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile, and network with other companies from the area.

To register simply access this link 

Workshop Agenda

08:30am             Arrival & Breakfast
09:00am             Introduction & Warm Up Activity
09:10am             Conceptualizing the Product (or Pre-Development)
10:45am             Coffee Break
11:00am             Building an initial Product (or Proof of Concept or Minimum Viable Product)
12:30pm             Lunch Provided
01:15pm             Warm Up Activity & Scaling the product and the business (or standard development)
02:45pm             Coffee Break
03:00pm             Project Presentations
04:00pm             I Like I Wish and Group Photo
05:00pm             Closing

Common Problems of Agile Development

Agile methods such as Kanban, Scrum or XP focus on the technical aspects of developing and delivering a solution. Accordingly, they offer only limited or no support in identifying and targeting user needs, or growing and scaling the product and business after its launch.

In large organizations these aspects are often covered by other departments, e.g. designers or UX researchers are responsible for identifying users and addressing their needs together with a product owner while sales and marketing are responsible for selling the product and creating a business. As employees from each of these departments work in unique contexts with specific language, expectations, motivation and perceptions, it is often hard to collaborate successfully. Furthermore, the design, development and creation of a business model of a product are often considered separate phases in a company, which could lead to problems in understanding the product requirements and creating the solution.

About InnoDev

InnoDev aims to provide a common language and process to professionals from different departments, allowing them to effectively work together on a single idea, from conceptualization all the way to selling the product to customers. It combines techniques from Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Scrum to create an agile software development process that addresses user and business aspects along with development.

The following table summarizes how InnoDev addresses the common problems of Agile Development described above:

Problem InnoDevs approach to address the problem
Lack of user focus design thinking process and tools can help to identify and address user needs throughout the process
Lack of business focus Lean Startup approach and tools can help to identify and validate possible business models
Limited support in scaling product and business Metric-based evaluations from lean startup can collect quantitative data about concepts or features throughout the process
Ineffective collaboration Working together with a common process and toolkit provides common ground for better collaboration

Interested? Come and experience the process and its tools in a hands-on one-day workshop and help us improve it with your feedback!

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed for a wide variety of software company roles such as designers, developers and product managers or project managers.

Benefits for Participants

Participants in this workshop will receive basic training in important tools from Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Scrum. In addition, they will learn how these tools can be combined and applied during different stages of the software development process. We also promise the workshop will be fun!

Benefits for us Researchers

With this workshop, we aim to teach our software development approach InnoDev to industry participants. We hope to contribute to your existing software process and that you can help us evaluate our Software Development approach as part of this workshop and provide us with your feedback.

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