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Innovators Summit AI | November 20 – 21 | Munich

Special price for startuppers:  249 €

We make Artificial Intelligence tangible for you. The German edition of the MIT Technology Review has been reporting on new developments in this field for years. In 2013 we have already launched the question: “Computers do the work, what do we do?” Now at our “Innovators Summit AI”, we bring together relevant experts from business and science to explore the real potential of this new technology in comprehensive lectures, real case studies and inspiring workshops.

We believe that AI will change almost every business field – from automotive industry to medical industry to logistics. But we also know that their true potential is still overestimated while underestimated at the same time. Overrated because technology is reaching its limits. Underestimated, because the existing AI systems already mean major changes for individual companies and whole industries .The key questions are: Where is technology moving to? What about the relevant business model? How far is the competition?

Good answers seem rare. For this reason, the Technology Review editorial team has launched the “Innovators Summit AI”.

What the “Innovators Summit AI” offers:

Overview and outlook

Top-class scientists present the current state of AI research, explain the important technologies in the field of artificial intelligence including their advantages and disadvantages and answer the question: For which application is which technology suitable? Which further developments are to be expected where?

Applications and business models

With AlphaGo’s victory over the world’s best Go player at the latest, it is clear what potential Artificial Intelligence theoretically has. However, it is much less clear which applications result from this. In concrete case studies, startups and established companies explain how to use AI profitably, what implementation means for an organization, where the pitfalls and opportunities are waiting.

Cross-innovation and inspiration

Learn from other industries. Because with artificial intelligence in particular, the similarities between the different markets are greater than the differences. The combination of lectures and workshops gives you excellent opportunities to network and exchange ideas.

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