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From its launch in 2008 as a small Rocket-backed startup, Zalando grew to become Europe’s #1 e-commerce platform and a €10B publicly-listed company… in 6 years.
And it did so rather quietly, keeping a low profile on its internal operations.

So what’s the story behind this huge success? We’re glad to welcome Boris Radke on stage, Head of Communications at Zalando to give us a peek behind-the-scene!

Boris joined Zalando at an early stage when the startup was hitting the ground running to stay ahead of its hyper-growth. With no prior experience for this size of project, he was assigned to build the logistics footprint from scratch.

His first lesson, which he writes in his blog post, was: “It’s all about trust. Without trust, you cannot scale at such a pace and you will never reach such dimensions.”

Here’s when communication comes into play. Even though Zalando was the fastest-growing company of its kind in Europe at the time, it took skilful PR to get all the stakeholders on board of this rocket ship.

This is what Boris undertook when he launched the corporate communications department in 2012, which was responsible for the company’s IPO communication in 2014. He then took over the internal communication of the now M-DAX company.

Join us to hear the story of Zalando from the inside and get insights into growing a company at high-speed!