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Chessboxing is the hybrid of two extremes: the traditional mental exercise, chess, combined with the most popular type of martial arts, boxing. The key to victory lies not just in skill, but in the right balance of power. Smart, strategic decisions under extreme physical stress are the challenge. The sport is intellectual, tough, versatile and breathtaking.

But what does chessboxing have to do with cybersecurity?

Businesses in all industries depend on information technologies today. With increasing digitization and connectivity, new opportunities but also new risks arise as the spectrum of threats widens. Attackers have a wealth of technical skills at their disposal, and the number of attacks is constantly increasing. The question is not whether one of the many attempts at an attack succeeds, but rather when that happens.

Cybersecurity alone is no longer sufficient to counter modern threats. Phishing, ransomware – modern cyber attacks require a rethink. Only with the right cyber resilience strategy can you regain control and fight successfully against cyber attacks.

Join us on December 15th in Berlin at the IX. Intellectual Fight Club and find out:

– Which measures should be considered in order to adequately manage today’s threats
– How to increase the resilience of your business against attacks
– What you can learn from chess boxing and competitive strategy of a fighter for your cyber resilience strategy

You will also learn everything about the origins of chess boxing. Iepe Rubingh – storyteller, entrepreneur, artist, innovator and inventor of chessboxing – will explain why managers and businessmen are so fascinated by this sport and what insights from it can be used in business.


5.30 pm – Accreditation and welcome
6:00 pm – Keynote Michael Heuer, Country Manager Mimecast Central Europe:
“Why Cyber ​​Security Is Not Enough: You Need Cyber ​​Resilience”
6:30 pm – Keynote Iepe Rubingh, Founder Chessboxing
“What can you learn from Chessboxing to increase your cyber resilience”
7:00 pm – Pre-fight reception in the Mimecast Lounge
– Possibility to peek behind the scenes and watch the fighters warm up
– Introduction to chess
– Pizza & Drinks
8:30 pm – fights begin

On the quest for the smartest and toughest

The goal of Chessboxing is to identify the “smartest and toughest” fighter. Mimecast is new in Germany and we want to win the “smartest and toughest” employees for us. You will have the opportunity to meet Mimecast and see for yourself that these are not just empty words. Matt Doucette, Global Head of Talent Acquisitions, will enter the ring as the Mimecast fighter. Matt is an MMA fighter who has been with Mimecast since 2017. If you are interested in the vacancies at Mimecast and would like to get to know us in Berlin, you can find more information at http://info.mimecast.com/fightclub.html.