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IQ @ SIBB – Workshop: Software Localization | September 9 | Berlin

People tend to buy a product when it is offered in their native language. Software in the local language of the target market increases acceptance, improves operability and reduces user application errors. This reduces the effort in your support and you open up new markets.

Software localization means the adaptation of all texts in and around the software to linguistic and cultural conditions in a specific target region. Localization is more than just translating the interface texts, because text lengths must be taken into account, wording adjusted, and variables and codes protected.

The full suite of software user interfaces, online help, manuals, specifications, implementation descriptions, webinars, and license agreements must be available on Day X in all relevant languages.

How this works and how you can help in this workshop.

  • The workshop
    The workshop provides an overview of the localization process for software documentation. You will get an insight into the working method of a language service provider and learn which requirements you should observe yourself when creating software texts for the international market. Based on practical examples, we discuss challenges and useful solutions.

Take this from the workshop:

  • Knowledge of the software localization process
  • Special features when translating software user interfaces, hotkeys, online help, manuals, license agreements, etc.
  • Insight into quality assurance in the localization process
  • Tips and suggestions for creating the documentation
  • Practical examples from different target markets
  • Findings through the exchange with other entrepreneurs

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