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When you’re starting a company, you have to build your product & talk to your customers—but at some point—you’ll have to dive into legal stuff. In order to do so, you’ll have to either 1) get a lawyer that may confuse you & charge you for standard legal documents or 2) become a lawyer yourself. ?

You’re a startup founder, not a lawyer. Especially if you’re starting a company in Berlin and the 3 co-founders are from Italy, Sweden & Bulgaria. ?

Well, that’s exactly why we’re launching LegalStrasse: To empower entrepreneurs with all the legal tools they need to set up a German company on their own. We provide them with state of the art drafts of all the contracts they need – for free. ✊?

In this first workshop, our lawyer Daniel Streiff will explain the contracts and legal & contract procedures about registering your company in Germany so you become lawesome & avoid the common pitfalls. ?

We’ll talk about Articles of Association,Shareholder Agreement, Managing Director Contract – so join-up, invite our friends, empower yourself legal-wise & ask all the questions you want!

See you there? ?
Love. ?