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Le Wagon Talk: Why No Business Model is the Best Business Model | November 22 | Berlin

Whenever you start a new project, things change, constantly. Feedback from clients, mentors, co-founders, and investors will make your business model iterate faster than you might think.

There’s a lot of best practices out there but reality requires you to be adaptive in order to sell your product or service.

At InFarm we tried countless business models and have yet to find the holy grail of selling to retailers, restaurants, hotels and end-consumers alike. We’ve bootstrapped our way through several iterations until we’ve finally cracked it…until the next customer had a special wish that we wanted to accommodate.

Understanding how to cater to your audience is key to stay fluent in your businesses early months. Instead of talking about traditional design thinking and business modeling, we’ll much rather try to understand how selling herbs in supermarkets has come to be one of the most disruptive business model in the food retail industry to date.

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