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GOAL: An executive workshop on Lean Startup, discussing the origin of Lean Startup. The workshop is a half-day long. Participants will work on a practical case study, which will make it clear how Lean Startup teams can be managed. Finally, we will look at how Lean Startup fits in a large organisation (see program in the annex).

During the workshop, emphasis will be on the managing of Lean Startup teams, allowing your (new) business development team to start development of new innovations more effectively, efficiently and above all with less risks.

FOR WHOM: This training is suitable for executives and senior management of sales, marketing, product development or innovation team members.

RESULT: At the end of the workshop, participants will have sufficient knowledge to start managing Lean Startup teams. Participants will be able to use the Experiment Board and the Lean Canvas for managing teams and assessing progress.

PREPARATION: The workshop does not require any preparation. At the end of the workshop, participants will receive the presentation, including 4 articles, which will allow them to get started right away.


13:00u-13:45h – Introduction Lean Startup (What is Lean Startup and why

use it?).

13:45u-14:00h – Examine case study together.

14:15u-14:45h – Start working on the first experiment using the Experiment Board.

14:45u-15:00h – Break

15:00u-16:30h – Lean Startup in teams and larger organisations, with room for discussion.

16:30u-17:00h – Conclusion and reflection.

DURATION: 4-hour long workshop.

FACILITIES: Use of materials is included in the price.

LANGUAGE: The workshop can be given in Dutch or English.


Personal ticket: €250,- excl. VAT