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Come hear Alex Weidauer talk about how he built Rasa (https://rasa.ai/), the leading open source conversational AI company for the enterprise. ?

Their first product Rasa NLU offers open source, natural language understanding for bots and assistants.
Sounds like a great idea? Actually, it took him and his cofounder countless product iterations to land on the right one. ?

The first steps in a startup’s life boil down to relentless testing and taking decisions on the go. You won’t know what you’re doing half the time, until success becomes obvious. ✨
Alex’s insights will help you go faster while you’re looking for your product-market fit!

Alexander Weidauer is co-founder and CEO of Rasa (https://rasa.ai/). He studied Computer Science and Management at TU Berlin and the London School of Economics. Before founding Rasa, he worked for Project A Ventures and McKinsey.

This event is free & totally open. ?