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Medienpreis Games, April 23, Säälchen

Medienpreis Games, that sounds super serious, albeit the main purpose of gaming being, of course, having fun. Nevertheless, games can be so much more than mere entertainment. It’s possible to reflect with sincerity and journalistic diligence on our favorite entertainment medium. Consequently, Medienpreis Games functions as a promotional tool for games journalism of German language. It aims to highlight and honor outstanding works of journalism relating to the topic of games.

The award represents the increasing need for information of modern society – there’s a rumor that games have established in their midst – as well as a diversity of topics and perspectives on one of the most significant entertainment media of our time. We want to encourage journalists to continue creating ambitious, investigative and entertaining content regarding games – whether it be in text, audio or video format.

Medienpreis Games is the first ever award to honor outstanding games journalism of German language in several categories. The award ceremony will take place on April 23, 2018 within the scope of #gamesweekberlin. The call for entries is open until April 9.