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meet the industry: From the Internet of Things to the Internet of Services, May 17, Potsdam

Everyone has already heard about Internet of Things and many think immediately about the smart refrigerator that could facilitate the life of the owner. But Internet of Things must be more than that! That’s it.

In the end, it is about the intelligent networking of objects via Internet and the analysis of data collected in this way.

The collected user data helps companies understand their customers, identify patterns and align products with them.

Businesses learn to understand their customers’ usage patterns when devices sell information back. They aggregate status data of machines and systems from customer environments and establish new service models around it. Or they optimize your processes in warehouse, fleet or logistics.

The market is also exciting because apart from the big IT players, classic industrial groups want to have their say. With their experience in engineering they are well prepared. They also have to, because the next level of added value in automation technology is achieved through digitization.

In addition there are telecommunications providers, specialized providers and startups. Startups have the advantage of being able to operate disruptively without being burdened by any existing business and to lead IoT away from the refrigerators towards innovations in the SME sector.

meet the industry: The conference takes a closer look and invites you to look at the IoT from the perspective of medium-sized companies, platforms, industrial groups and start-ups.

We are looking forward to your participation!