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Meet Nervos: London Blockchain Meetup

Meet up with others working in blockchain to discuss ways of making systems scalable. We’ll be talking about proof of work, proof of stake, on-chain scaling, off-chain scaling, UXTOs and smart contracts, among other topics.

You’ll also get the chance to find out about the forthcoming Nervos CKB blockchain, which aims to optimise network usage to deliver better performance, while maintaining security and decentralisation.


6.00pm : Doors open, beers, soft drinks and light refreshments available

6:30pm – 7.00pm start talks : Overview

7.00pm-7.30pm : Presentation 1

7.30pm-8.00pm : Presentation 1

8.00pm : Q&A

8:30pm : Networking, drinks and food ordered



Matt Quinn

Matt began his career working on financial system upgrades for New York City and Apple and was drawn into the rabbit hole of Bitcoin and blockchains as better systems to manage money. He started the ‘SF Ethereum’ meetup, co-founded blockchain coworking space Starfish Mission, and has run community educational events for the last 2+ years.

He is now working on http://nervos.community in preparation for launch of the Nervos Network.