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Mission x M.A.R.S. | November 14 – 15 | Munich

The First Immersive Business Event in Europe!


Would the Martians let us in?

Elon Musk wants to fly to Mars. Now, this sounds like a reasonable idea. But what makes us think that we don’t make the same mistakes as in the past? There is an old saying that you cannot escape from your own demons. But the Martians are smart, they won’t let us in unless we have proven that we can tackle the biggest challenges of the 21st century on our own planet.

The Future Academy X opens the doors to a completely new category of business events beyond anyone’s imagination. You are going to be part of the MISSION X M.A.R.S. You can only solve the mission in collaboration with your crew members.


  1. There is not a ‘perfect’ personality to go to Mars. Some mindsets are brilliant at building the engine. Some are best at charting the course. Once a crew is set up – diversity of skills, and the ability to learn from each other is key. To become part of the mission purchase your ticket on Eventbrite.


  1. Whilst the mission is the pinnacle of your experience, the story begins before you arrive. An online invitation will be sent closer to the mission date with a login to a dedicated website. Here you gain access to a previously unexplored part of the story as well as details of your bespoke identity, mission, and the encouraged dress code for the evening.


  1. Turn imagination into vivid memories as you enter the doors. Getting to Mars takes the best of our current technology, plus innovation and adaptation to a new environment. Expect a day filled with action, new knowledge, music, dance and plenty of surprises, as you accomplish the mission collaboratively.



  • 1 Big Transformative Mission
  • 10 Crews
  • 200 Chosen Crew Members
  • 1 Martian Jury



A one day spectacle, a gigantic business workshop accentuated by music and an immersive theatre group from London. And everyone will play a role!


Learn new skills in innovation, tech and collaboration. Meet like-minded intra- and entrepreneurs. Turbocharge your personal innovation journey.


Exhilarating! Captivating! Thrilling!

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