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Last year we organized an amazing conference around Blockchain and we will be hosting the next edition of #moinblockchain on March 9th & 10th in Hamburg, Germany.

We strive for great numbers: to have at least 50% tech interested female guests, as our goal is to bring more women and people of various professional backgrounds to the blockchain scene.

The two-day conference will bring experts and beginners together with hands-on workshops, where startups as well as old industries will present their showcases. We will have bigger enterprises like SAP, Airbus, Lufthansa, as well as ConsenSys, Epicenter, Gnosis, weeve, e-Residency Estonia, BitPesa, BitFinex, BigchainDB, Giveth and many others participating. Speakers are currently joining from Europe, Israel, England and the US.

For more details on the agenda, speakers and tickets visit: https://event.moinworld.de/blockchain/

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