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START UP MOONSHOT | March 9 – 12 | Munich

From early stage to global player in 72 hours

The START UP MOONSHOT is a unique format that helps start-ups with economic and social impact to rapid rise. For this purpose, more than 100 real experts and numerous companies work intensively for 3 days with the MOONSHOT winner (ECONAUT!) and not only develop strategies, but also deliver results (such as website, communication strategy, CI / CD, business plans, Business models, product designs, HR concept, corporate culture / organization, timetables, social contracts). The START UP MOONSHOT also organizes investors and B2B discussions, providing its entire network during the event. For the MUNICH START UP MOONSHOT, start-ups from the DACH region, who work on pioneering ideas and developments in one of the categories Energy, Mobility, Smart City, Environment and Industry 4.0, can submit their entries. In total, during these 72 hours you condensate about 3.5 years! In order to be able to put the immense costs into play, the community remains involved with 10% of the jointly developed company and of course assumes the associated risk. And: Even after the MOONSHOT, the winner’s start-up will be efficiently helped for at least 100 days, as well as the entire network made available and actively involved in the performance. Why? Ingenious ideas deserve to fly.

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