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Nakamoto’s Den | February 19 – 20 | Cyprus

The main aim and vision of Nakamoto’s Den (ND), is to bring together digital start-up companies, established international companies, investors, VC funds, family wealth funds, blockchain influencers and industry leaders. The Conference will consist of three pillars:

  1. Digital Start-Up Battles: There are 100 application slots available, and only 8 projects will be selected to compete in the Battles for FREE in this category. In addition, we will be hosting the world first Post-ICO Battles, which will give an opportunity to exciting Blockchain projects, to showcase their progress and evolution. There are 100 application slots available, and only 8 projects will be selected to compete in the Battles.
  2. Networking & Investment; The conference, will be providing excellent networking and investment opportunities for all participants that will be attending the two-day event. In addition, we will providing a one-on-one private meeting slots (15 minutes) for attendees to choose and submit an application, to have a meeting with an Investment Company, Start-Up & Post-ICO, Key Note Speaker & OTC Consulting.
  3. Blockchain Education; In our opinion, Education is the most important element, when it comes to adapting to new innovative technologies. That’s why ND will be providing ‘Introductory’ for beginners & ‘Advanced’ educational sessions, for individuals who have learnt the basics of Distributed Ledger Technologies but are seeking to learn more, via workshops, case studies, and real-life stories coming from Blockchain leaders.

The overall theme of key notes and panel discussion will be based on the following areas;

  • International Blockchain Adoption
  • 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Regulatory Developments
  • Centralised Vs. Decentralised
  • Alternative Governance
  • Digital Assets & Identity models
  • Showcasing of future economic concepts and much more!

Find out more at https://nakamotosden.com/

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