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Welcome to NetCon Los Angeles Mastermind Virtual Ticket!

Dear Entrepreneur,

I want you to understand a little bit about the NetCon event before you commit to attend. NetCon is not just an event, it’s a community. Our mission is to create an environment where you are empowered to learn, ask questions, and grow on both personal and professional levels.

We are bringing world class speakers, business professionals and leaders in the industry to share their secrets with you! Not only will you will have an opportunity to learn from other entrepreneurs, but you will also be able to send in questions to the speakers of your choice and get answers.

We are excited to have you virtually at our mastermind!

Access all the videos from the Main Conference & Panel Discussions.



The exact skills you need to build a ridiculously high income.

Social Media

Learn the secrets of building a million-dollar online business through powerful growth strategies on social media

Personal Branding

Learn from influencers who have built multi-million dollar companies and see how they got ahead of their competitors.

Master Affiliate Marketing

Discover how you can make another stream of income utilizing affiliate marketing, and learn how people are successful at it.

Expert Dropshipping Tips

Learn the NEW 2019 strategies of E-commerce, and how top dropshippers are making thousands of dollars a day.

Master Sales & Persuasion

Discover how to close high ticket sales so you can profit massively on a higher scale, all while mastering sales & persuasion.

& Much More from World Class Speakers!

Some of the Top Speakers include: 

Frank D’Agostino
Brian Breach
Jason Capital
John Malott
Sharran Srivatsa
Joe Staiber
Jeff Sekinger
Judge Graham
Brett Knuston
Alex Quin
Andy Dane Carter
Dan Fleyshman
Mikey Taylor
Jeremy Haynes
John Malott
Micheal Gonzalez
Chris Delgado
Jacqlyn Burnett
Mellisa Rodriques
Jennifer Sutto
Steph Sutto
Phil McCarthy
Sam Bakhtiar
Jake Havron
Anthony Delgado
Anthony Santiago
Tony Pec
Drizzik Grewal
Colt Mosdef
Simon Lerner
Mr. AirBnb
Kayla Cardona
Dillon Kivo
John Danes
Patty Sky