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“Prototypes: Why You Must Fake It Before You Make It” by Sarah Doody, UX Wizard ✨

You think you have a great startup idea? Naturally the next step would be to build it asap, right? Wrong! Too many teams jump right into building without even validating their idea.

Then you end up with a finished product that has 1000 functionalities, but 0 use. ?

This is why prototyping is crucial to building a product that people love. It helps you focus on the right details and avoid wasting precious time and money. ⚡️
Bottom line: you need to FAKE IT before you MAKE IT.

In this talk, Sarah will share:
– Why you shouldn’t build too fast & how to tell if you are
– A step-by-step guide to prototyping kick-ass products
– Best tips, tricks, & tools ??

Sarah Doody is a Canadian born UX designer and product consultant based in NYC. She has worked with successful startups and Fortune 500 companies, and founded the popular weekly UX newsletter, The UX Notebook. Sarah is also very involved in UX education, having co-designed General Assembly’s UX program as well as an online course, User Research Mastery. More recently, Sarah self-published a UX notebook, How To Think Like A Designer.

“How to Build Products for Growth” by Neal Kemp, cofounder @Women.com (YC S14) ?

We often tell startups that as long as they’re before product-market fit, they should do things that don’t scale. But if you’re lucky, there comes a time when the demand is obvious and you need to step up!

When scaling your product, you can tap into incredible network effects. But it can also bring a lot of new & unforeseen challenges.
Picture Growth as a large wave: it can crush you to the bottom, or you can ride it faster and further than you thought possible. ?

We’re glad to have Neil Kemp come share his experience building products for fast-growing companies. He’ll be drawing from his experience as cofounder & CTO of YC-backed startup Women.com and as growth consultant for successful Silicon Valley companies. ?