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“Keeping it Laser Focused” by Niv Liran, CPO at Auto1 Group

We’re glad to welcome Niv Liran to talk about how he led Auto1’s product strategy, scaling the team from 5 to 150 employees within 2 years. Come get insights on how to prioritise and take decisions in a fast-moving environment – keeping your focus laser-sharp!

“How We Built Stuff Nobody Asked For” by Cindy Chang, Senior Product Designer at Intercom

What do you do when you’ve heard the same feature requests from customers time and time again? Do you just build the darned thing to appease them?

To build or not to build.. That is the questions 😉

In this talk, Cindy will share how her and her team designed and built key features in Intercom’s Respond product. It all began as simple customer requests… that ended up far beyond their origins.

This event is free & totally open ?