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Upgrade your skills as a Design Sprint facilitator!

You’ve read the Sprint book. You’ve attended or even organised a design sprint or two. You love the framework and feel confident in the value it brings. Now you want to take your ability to innovate to the next level by becoming a skilled Design Sprint facilitator.

In this experiential learning journey, hosted by New Haircut’s Design Sprint Academy, you’ll be thrown into the fire. In the span of an intense 2 full days of immersive training, you’ll learn how to plan the design sprint week, communicate assertively, ask compelling questions, and encourage participation from multidisciplinary teams and people.

You’ll additionally benefit by:
– Delivering high-impact opening presentations to enhance your presentation skills
– Managing difficult group dynamics by beefing up your mediation skills
– Keeping team members focused on critical discussions by bolstering your influential skills

In a simulated Design Sprint, you’ll be challenged to play the Design Sprint Facilitator role while receiving immediate and actionable feedback from professionals like you — seasoned Design Sprint practitioners.

We recommend this course to those who have:
– Been through our Immersive Design Sprint Workshop, and/or…
– Have experienced or facilitated at least one design sprint.

We recommend this course to the following organisational roles:
– Digital: Product Owners, Product / Project Managers, Design Leads, Dev Leads, Innovation Leads
– Executive: CEOs, Presidents / VPs, CIO / CTOs

This workshop is not for those wanting to sit back and hear theory. You should come prepared to work hard in an intense, time-boxed, collaborative setting.

Key Takeaways:
– Video footage for you to go back and review your facilitation of 2 design sprint phases
– Learn to deliver a high-impact opening presentation
– Become aware of your personal strengths & weaknesses
– Receive a toolbox of ice-breaking and energizing exercises
– Gain skills and tips for guiding the process
– Ability to deal with disruptors: Prevention & Intervention
– You’ll additional have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with fellow coaches, facilitators, and team leads

Key Topics:
– Design Sprint planning
– Design Sprint ground rules & mindset
– Nonverbal & para verbal communication
– Asking the right questions
– Emotion management
– Conflict management
– Encouraging participation
– Decision making, focus & closure

Workshop Agenda:

Day 1
Opening & Icebreaking
Planning a Design Sprint
Emotion management
Nonverbal and para verbal communication
Practice facilitation

Day 2
Dealing with difficult group dynamics
Practice & progress
Asking the right questions
Practice & progress

Included Refreshments:
– Healthy Snacks
– Coffee, Tea & Sodas
– Lunch