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Raising Capital in the United States – Munich Event | September 20 | Munich

Raising Capital in the US: A presentation by Noreen Weiss and a discussion with Andreas Bauer (Munich)

Aspiring to tap into the flow of capital in the United States to fund your business? Or are you considering raising funds through an ICO, and wonder whether you can sell token in the United States? The US is a complex jurisdiction, but a little advance knowledge can go a long way to helping you successfully navigate funding your business.

Please join Noreen Weiss from MacDonald Weiss PLLC, a New York based boutique law firm, and Andreas Bauer from GSK Stockmann, to gain insights into how your company can successfully raise money from US investors, in comparison to the process in Germany.

Please notice also our “Raising Capital in the US”-Events in Berlin (https://bit.ly/2McJ9Ku) and Hamburg (https://bit.ly/2KN5fPa).

Topics to be covered include:

  • Reasons for raising capital in the US.
  • How to find the right investors?
  • Whether a US entity is necessary or might be advantageous, and tips for the “Delaware flip”.
  • Negotiating with angel and VC investors – What do US venture capital investors look for in an early stage company? What are the key deal terms and documents, and how does this differ from the terms commonly used in Germany? What are the common mistakes founders make?
  • US Securities Law compliance tips.
  • Special considerations for ICOs – What are the elements that cause a token to be deemed a security in the United States? What are the available methods of offering a security token for sale in the United States? What is the role of smart contracts?

About MacDonald Weiss PLLC

MacDonald Weiss is an entrepreneurial NYC-based boutique law firm comprised of senior lawyers with global law practice experience. We focus on advising startups, growth and mid-market companies and investors. From startup to exit and everything in between, we are strategic advisors who assist with raising money and SEC compliance, global expansion, strategic business development through M&A and joint ventures, tech licensing and product distribution, and all commercial business needs. Our clients include US and non-US tech start-ups, emerging companies, and investors.

About GSK Stockmann

GSK Stockmann is a leading independent law firm in Germany and Luxembourg. Today, more than 180 lawyers and tax advisers work at our offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Munich and Luxembourg and regularly advise clients throughout the world, among others on national and cross-border transactions. With a strong focus on the legal advice and representation of innovation driven investors and companies of all stages, GSK Stockmann enables the implementation of high-level legal expertise with disruptive and market-changing business models.

Individual Meetings

Noreen Weiss will be available for individual one-on-one complimentary sessions with any attendee who is interested in a private consultation (30-45 minutes) the next morning (September 21st). Meetings will start at 9.30. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

In case of questions, please contact

Alexandra Eltner (alexandra.eltner@gsk.de; +49 89 28817474)

Admission is free of charge. As the number of places is limited you will surely understand that we can only accept participation upon registration on a first come first serve basis.

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