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Ready. Set. Scale. is the UK’s newest startup conference. Featuring speakers from some of the UK’s best startups, come to our event to learn from our amazing speakers, meet investors, and to network with your peers.

25th January 2018, central London, tickets start from just £199. Don’t miss out on this exclusive event.

Startups and Corporates

Startups and Corporates have some major differences but that does not mean, they do not complement each other.
First of: A startup is, as you all probably know, a new business venture while a corporation is more like a body of individuals. Startups thrive on trying to keep their ideas and projects alive knowing that only the sky is the limit. Usually, a startup begins with a few people, sometimes even just one person and there are no defined divisions. It pushes you to think outside of the box, come up with creative solutions for difficult problems that a big corporation may not have. Building a startup is exhausting but also so rewarding. A corporation, on the other hand, is an already well-established company. There usually is no major competition, they have their funds and number of divisions and teams. A corporate can give you a stability a young startup may not. But the possibility of it not having a great culture is definitely there – depending on the founder. Working in a corporation may be – compared to a startup – rather monotonous.

But there is great potential in the cooperation of corporates and startups. Startups can play a key role in the digitization of the economy – if the industry lets them. The roles are clear: corporates bring their experience, customers, networks and capital, startups their innovative ideas, their agility and their entrepreneurial spirit. This is why Startups and Corporates need to work closer together. The best way to get to know each other are Conferences and Workshops.