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Revision: Blockchain & the new data economy | November 19 | Berlin

// IMPORTANT NOTE: Seats are limited to 50.

**You will need to REQUEST A TICKET via the comment section below. The codes and instructions will be delivered to you directly. First come, first serve**

We are giving out 50 free tickets that give you access to the full Revision Summit.

An interactive session on how DLT & tokenized ecosystems can facilitate a level playing field in the data-driven economy and cause a paradigm shift from the internet of Google and Facebook to a user-owned, collaborative, and secure information landscape.

You will design your own tokenised ecosystem to help shape new systems where participants can own and control their data, monetize it, and leverage it in order to unlock enormous value for society as a whole.

The goal of this workshop is to raise awareness for the possibilities that blockchain technology holds with respect to data – both in reshaping existing industries and creating entirely new ones that could lead to a more equal wealth distribution and increased financial inclusion.

Workshop (2.5 hours)

Opening (30 min):

DIA and Cryptadvise will talk about the utilisation of data as labor and as a common good.

– How DLT, tokens, and cryptography can change the status quo
– Incentivizing communities (work tokens, reputation, bounties etc.)
– Proofs of the validity of data (timestamps, Merkle proofs, zk-proofs)
– Curation of data (Staking, bonding curves etc.)
– Cryptography (Secure Multi-party computation, homomorphic encryption)

Output part (1.5 h)

/1: Develop (45 min)

We will split up into groups of 4-5, pick a topic and systematically develop projects.

– Definition of objectives
– Objectives and constraints
– Design patterns and mechanisms

/2: Discuss (20 min)

The groups will then gather to explore how to either integrate and combine their solutions or just find similarities and differences: Challenge each other and learn from each other.

/3: Present (20 min)

Present on customized token engineering canvas / slide / paper how the ecosystem works. 4 teams can pitch, each 5 min max.

/4: Discuss & Network

There will be drinks 😉

DIA and Crypt Advise has joined Revision – an international network of technology entrepreneurs, policy-makers, activists, scientists and investors that focus on the long-term social impact of emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI and Big Data. https://revision.io/

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