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Welcome to the Seedstars Summit

84% of the world’s population is located in emerging markets and 59% of global GDP comes from these markets. Figures and statistics confirm it, emerging markets are the future. Did you know that by 2025 annual consumption in emerging markets will reach $30trn? And that two-thirds of the global growth is coming from emerging markets?

What does this all mean?

Join us for the Seedstars Summit on April 12th and watch 65+ startups from the fast-growing startup hubs around the world compete for an equity investment of up to $1,000,000! Not only will you meet the best entrepreneurs from 75+ countries, you will also connect with investors, government officials, corporate innovators and CEOs from Africa, Asia, LATAM, CEE and the MENA regions.

Get ready for breakout sessions, panel discussions and specialized workshops on fintech, edtech, digital health, agritech, IoT, hardware, social networking, clean tech – and much more.


Seedstars World is a part of the Swiss group Seedstars and runs the global startup competition covering 65+ emerging and developing markets. Our mission is to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through the promotion and investment in entrepreneurship and technology.

It is impressive to see how such a small team can feel connected by the same values even when spread around the world. Whether we are snacking on tacos in Mexico, exploring the dusty streets of Dakar or swooshing on mototaxis across Jakarta, we all look at the world around us with the same eyes, welcoming its diversity and willing to do the impossible to improve people’s lives through technology and entrepreneurship.

Seedstars celebrates disruption, and the pioneers who create it. We roam the globe to connect with the digital changemakers of the emerging world shaping a new wave of social change. Our teams tread on the entrepreneurial arena across five continents, breaking stories about startups set upon defying the status quo. Our target represents 85% of human population, the opportunities encompass billions of lives, the scope of impact is infinite.

As an incubator of educators and investors, we sit at the forefront of innovation in emerging markets and we make it our mission to share these developments with you across the digital landscape.

We invest in people, we connect teams, we encourage risk. We empower entrepreneurial spirits to swim against the tide. Join us online or in person at our events anywhere around the globe. Join us as we seek to impact billions of lives in emerging markets.