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“Always be closing!” Sure, but do it right ?

As an entrepreneur, you need to fight every day to survive. ⚔
It takes money to grow, and eventually you might need to fundraise. But building your own revenue streams remains the best way to validate your business intuitions and avoid death. ?

The only problem is you’re still figuring out a lot of things: what you’re selling, to whom, at what price etc.
☝? Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Rather you need to focus.

We’re glad to have Gabriel come share his experience growing and advising multiple startups in Silicon Valley! Join us to hear him share common mistakes you can avoid when building your sales process.

Gabriel is a 4 time founder. At 21 he co-founded the home improvement marketplace Modernize where he bootstrapped sales from zero to over $40 million. ? He was responsible for building all aspects of Modernize’s sales strategy, from developing strategic partnerships and various sales channels to scaling the sales organization. He advised and/or invested in 30+ Silicon Valley startups in the last 3 years including Thumbtack, Uber, Surfair, Metromile and Lendinghome. The first 5 companies he advised raised over $300M in follow on funding. He recently launched a seed round venture fund called Upshift Capital where he focuses on SaaS and Marketplace Companies.