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This event has become a benchmark event for the international tech-entrepreneurial ecosystem, and its fourth edition is expected to be the biggest and most impactful ever. A place where meaningful connections will be made with ALL the key players at European and international level.

With the continuous support of the European Commission, this event will do what it does best: showcasing startups and providing them with the right connections (Accelerators, Investors, Public Administrations, Policy-Makers, Universities, Talent, etc.). It will also provide a forum where you can share experiences and develop synergies so that you can grow together. Whether you are a startup, a scale up or an entrepreneur.

We know that passion never fails, and that is why we are sure that this event will really make a difference, will you miss it?


In Startup Olé 2018 you will be able to share your passion with us and with more than 2,000 attendees and entrepreneurs thanks to our startup-oriented activities, actions such as a startup fair, pitching competitions, matchmaking with corporates, curated contact with mentors and even an accelerators’ competition where you’ll get to be the judge! All that in a friendly atmosphere with lots of meaningful networking.

Our goal in Startup Olé is to build bridges between investors and startups/scaleups in a friendly and filtered environment. Thanks to our wide variety of activities and our official app we ensure that investment opportunities are boosted and multiplied, all this reinforced with networking events.

Also, as an investor you will not only get to know the best startups/scaleups, you will also be able to contact with peers and colleagues to learn best practices and develop synergies.

For all this, Startup Olé provides an excellent ground to meet your perfect match as an investor and also to meet colleagues from different and international ecosystems. Startup Olé 2018 is a great opportunity that you can not miss.

Startup Olé gathers the most relevant ecosystem builders at international level.

Corporates’ Innovation Teams can gain access to a wide variety of startups and promising projects that are filtered according to each corporate’s needs. On top of this, the high density of top representatives from companies, public administrations and EU bodies makes Startup Olé an excellent opportunity for networking and synergy development.

Coming to Startup Olé will not only guarantee that you get the projects that can drive your company through the future, it will also ensure that your business is well positioned and develops the right contacts to grow in an increasingly competitive tech environment.