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As an entrepreneur who has just started his entrepreneurial career, you are mainly focused on realizing your dreams. To do this, you invest time and energy, but also money. The Dutch government assists innovative start-ups by offering multiple forms of subsidies and financing. However, finding your way to these options can be very complex and time-consuming. RTE will share its knowledge and experience on these matters with enthusiastic and promising start-ups. We help you to find the most appealing grants and other financing possibilities for your start-up. The how to session will be divided into four different subjects:

1. Introduction;
2. The road towards grants and financing;
3. Grants for start-ups;
4. Public financing for start-ups.

After the workshop, there’s going to be a networking event at our venue, the European Business Centre, called EPIC Thursty. There, you can meet new connections as well as expand your network in a cozy atmosphere of the bar located at the venue. All the drinks and snacks are provided for free.