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Artists, cultural professionals and creative entrepreneurs often work in different and constantly changing situations, sometimes in teams, sometimes as solo freelancers, sometimes on their own projects and sometimes in temporary employment. It is no longer new to them to work in interdisciplinary teams, to work independently of a location. These different work contexts require different forms of cooperation, the organization of collaboration, as well as of the communication in a team.

The new edition of our event format SUPPORT Your Local Culture, tackles the topic of collaborative work, the organisation of cooperation, and digital tools. This year’s SUPPORT Your Local Culture serves to exchange experiences, to impart specific methods, and to highlight alternatives in organizational forms and processes. In workshops you will be introduced to the topics in a practical approach. In addition, we present Best Practice actors: How do others deal with it, which solutions have been uncovered, what alternative approaches have been developed?

How do we organize ourselves within a group?  How do we guarantee social security in collaborative processes? How can interdisciplinary work function beyond art, culture and the creative industries? These are the three major topics that will accompany us throughout the day.

In addition to the three workshops tackling the questions above, you will have the opportunity to learn more out about current digital tools and solutions in a marketplace: Try and interact with them on-site. In two time slots, Berlin’s advisory centers for arts, culture, and the creative industries offer exclusive and one-on-one individual consultations of 30 minutes each, on site and for free. You can ask questions about funding and financing, get tips on networking in the scenes, and ask questions specific to certain fields of art. Four slots are available for each advisory center. The one-on-one counselling sessions take place in parallel to the workshops. You can either register for a workshop or for an individual consultation.

Who can participate?
Students, freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, and project creators from all fields of arts, culture, and the creative industries


10.00 Marketplace: Digital Tools & Workplace Solutions for collaboration
11 am-1 pm &

1.30-3.30 pm

Free & one-on-one individual consultations: Consult Me
10.00-10.30 Arrival
10.30-11.00 Welcome
11.00-1 pm 1st workshop session: You can choose between three workshops:

1) Organisation of collective structures

with Rupay Dahm – lawer specialized in corporate law and collective structures

2) Social security

3) Arts & Co.!: Working in an interdisciplinary team

1-1.30 pm Break
1.30-3.30 pm Continuation of the workshops
3.30-3.45 pm Short break
3.45-4.45 pm Learn about legal forms and other legal topics in practice: Live consultations with pre-selected good practices by legal experts, on stage
4.45-5 pm Keynote


When?           Tuesday, 29/10/2019 // 10.00 am – 5 pm
Where?         STATE Studio // Hauptstrasse 3, 10827 Berlin (U7 Kleistpark)
How?             A binding registration for the workshops is required via this link: https://bit.ly/2kQStYZ

You can book an one-on-one 30min consultation via this link: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/73853587067

The consultations are offered in two slots: 11am to 1pm by Performing Arts Programm Berlin and WiSU, 1.30pm to 3.30pm by Music Pool Berlin and Creative Service Center.

Please note: You can either register for a workshop or for an individual consultation, both are not possible.

No registration is required for the rest of the program. Participation is for free.


Information on access and recordings

STATE Studio is partially barrier-free, the next station with elevator is U7 Kleistpark. The event will be held in German, simultaneous translation will not be provided. Individual consultations may be offered in English.

At the event, images and sound recordings will be made for publication. If you do not agree with the publication, please contact the event team on site.