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It’s well known that you can’t improve what you don’t measure. ☝?

Being on top of your metrics can make the difference between sluggish results & consistently hitting the mark. It’s the base on which you can identify problems, improvement cycles, and run experiments. ?

Taking the analytical lead on your startup also means you won’t fall victim to your stakeholders giving you advice based only on feelings & opinions. ‘Cause numbers don’t lie ?

So which metrics should you track? With which tools? How do you read this data to inform future decisions? ?

?? Join this workshop by Tim, Head of Digital Analytics at Spreadshirt, to learn how to apply analytics to boost your growth and hear experiences and examples of data-driven startups! ?

Tim is an analyst with a focus on identifying relevant information for reporting, consumer profiles and success monitoring. Tim’s extensive analytical knowledge has been honed by 5 years of experience as a manager in the digital industry as well as 10 years as researcher, software engineer and senior consultant in Europe, Africa and Asia. He studied in Berlin and Paris, where he received a Master Degrees in Economics and Machine Learning. Tim is currently heading the digital data and analytics department at Spreadshirt, Europe’s largest producer of customized t-shirts and apparel. During his time at Spreadshirt the company grew to over 90m€ in 2016.