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Tech for good | March 28 | London

Find out how three recent college graduates from Pakistan leverage the power of tech to create an award-winning business and a people-powered movement that revolutionises food distribution.

3.6 Million tonnes of food, equaling 40% of food produced in Pakistan is wasted annually. And while the country is among the top when it comes to food philanthropy, 100 million Pakistanis are still food insecure. How could an innovative, scalable and profitable business model bridge this gap?

Enter RIZQ – founded in 2015 by three university students who believed that all this was due to a design issue. They were inspired by one of their mothers that had opened the doors of her home for 20 years to feed hundreds of people on a daily basis. So they created a business model and movement that reduces food waste across the country and redistributes food to those in need – through an interactive platform and the strategic use of social media and data. RIZQ’s model is holistic: it brings underserved communities onto a path of self-subsistence by providing them with employment opportunities in their value chain and by linking them to education and healthcare services. RIZQ has now the attention of large corporations and government officials, such as Coca Cola and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, that are eager to partner with them to reduce food waste.

What does it take to turn your compassion into a successful business? What role can tech play in doing good, and how might RIZQ’s model work in the UK context?

RIZQ participated in the SPRING Accelerator programme which works with growth-oriented businesses on innovations that can transform the lives of adolescent girls aged 10-19 living across East Africa and South Asia.

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