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The Future of TravelTech | February 28 | Berlin

Forum Digital Transformation:

Digitization is a crucial issue for the development of the tourism industry. Today, digital products are already helping many challenges: rising customer expectations, sustainability strategy versus cost reduction, order and sales growth, flexibility and process optimization, etc.

However, new digital solutions could move tourism much further and help us to successfully use the digital revolution. There are good role models for orientation: Spain and Holland. According to the study “Digital Economy and Society Index 2018 (DESI)” (on EU Member States), both of these countries are ahead of Germany in digitizing tourism processes (DESI).

In this forum of digital transformation, we present you the latest digital trends from the tourism market and discuss how the tourism industry can profit from it.

  • How do you benefit from the new digital technologies in a running tourist business?
  • What are the risks and limitations of the tourism industry?
  • What tools and resources do tourism companies in Berlin, Germany and the world need in 2019 to remain competitive?
  • Prepare for the ITB 2019!


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