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The World in 2030: Future Services in Agriculture | September 25 | Berlin

One of the oldest industries in the world, agriculture has long been perceived as a low-level job for an older generation in rural areas, far away from the urban technology centers that drive innovation forward. But that’s far from the truth; the industry has consistently been a source of innovation and now, thanks to the implementation of new technologies, has begun to attract a new audience who is discovering the high-potential of the sector.

In a world with an ever-growing population expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, the need for a more efficient and innovative agricultural industry has become paramount. Not only does the industry face challenges on how to satisfy food demand, but on how to lower its carbon footprint, maintain healthy livestock, and even help with the climate crisis.

With new technologies such as drones, IoT-based sensors and networks, automated infrastructure, light and heat monitoring and control, and intelligent software for analysis and prediction, agriculture is not only opening new opportunities for commercial success but also creating a sustainable future for the next generations.


  • Dr. Robert Gerlach, Founder at Threebility
  • Yasmina Haryono, Director European Labs at Yara International
  • Dominik Ewald, Co-Founder at Monitor Fish
  • Matthias Schmidt-Rex, CEO at SmartHectar Innovation GmbH
  • Nadim Choucair, Founder at 2030Cabinet (Moderator)


“The World in 2030” is Next Big Thing’s forward-thinking event series focused on the future of businesses and services. Throughout each event, we will host thought provoking conversations with selected speakers and panelists, push innovation, and build a variety of ideas for the future.

Join us on this journey into what’s coming, upcoming opportunities, and your role within this.

If you like to come by, register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-world-in-2030-future-services-in-agriculture-tickets-70117014879

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