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The Optimal Health Solutions is introducing an upcoming full-day workshop that will be held on September 9, 2017, at the Quality Resort Bayside Hotel BC, Canada.

The aim of the company is to increase the awareness of people to the true essence and the magical healing power of Traditional Chinese Medicine through the event.

Entitled as “Unlock the Secret Healing Power of Chinese Medicine”, the workshop will serve as a great reminder to people that Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest alternative medicines around the world. Being an alternative medicine, it further emphasizes the strong connection between the environment and humans and interaction of meridian channels and different organs.

When all the elements in the body including Yin and Yang energy are in balance and harmony, optimal health can be achieved. The true essence of this ancient wisdom from the Traditional Chinese Medicine will help achieve longevity and optimal health.

The strong focus of the workshop includes cupping therapy, Yin and Yang balance and moxibustion. Easy to follow and simple solutions are introduced to balance Yang and Yin energy and to improve the overall health. Common illnesses and quick solutions to treat them will be emphasized in the workshop, such illnesses include headache, insomnia, cough, back pain and chronic conditions, etc. Moxibustion and some important acupoints for pain relief, anti-aging, common illness treatments are also combined.

The ancient method of cupping also aids in weight loss, chronic disease management, and detoxification. Self-care solutions for weight loss and anti-aging will be discussed. Hands-on training leading to mastery of these ancient techniques will also get the attention of all.

A new book entitled as “Harness the Magical Power of Ancient Chinese Medicine” will also be received as a bonus that includes useful solutions and tips to improve health in every way from the Traditional Chinese medicine.