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Vito Ventures Summit: AI x Robotics | July 5 | München

AI is about to disrupt the robotics and automation industry – a field that so far has relied on old software technologies based on simple programming. As a result of the latter paradigm, industrial robots today can only perform simple movements along pre-defined paths.

In similar ways AI has disrupted autonomous driving, AI paradigms and methods applied to robotic control now push frontiers of automation into environments of unmatched levels of uncertainty and complexity.

Paralleling the AI push into robotic automation, exponentially falling costs of robotic hardware and quickly decreasing knowledge hurdles lead to a democratization of robotic automation capability.

Robotic automation therefore moves beyond concentrated high-tech industries into mass markets and leads to an enablement of SMEs and the Mittelstand in Germany.

At this event we are happy to present you speakers coming from 3 essential themes driving the future of robotic automation:

  • Helmut Schmid: General Manager Central Europe at Universal Robots – the world’s leading robotic firm (by far!) regarding sales of collaborative robots!
  • Ronnie Vuine: Founder and CEO at micropsi industries – a Berlin based startup that has for the first time successfully demonstrated deep and reinforcement learning stacks on industrial robots allowing automation of highly complex tasks in dynamic environments
  • Philipp Strautmann: Member of the Directors’ Board at the family owned business Strautmann machinery – a progressive Mittelstands company exploring new frontiers in robotic automation applications.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and discuss with you the future of robotics over some drinks and delicious food!

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