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WOMENIZE! Games and Tech 2018 April 24-25, Säälchen

Since 2015 Womenize! Tech, Digital Business and Media is a recruitment and training experience for women’s career building in the field of games, media and IT industry, including HR & culture managers, decision makers, institutions and multipliers.

We felt that there is a need to bring more women into these working fields. There are a lot of qualified and creative female talents out there, who could carry new impulses into those industries! On the other hand, we recognized a lack of information and a lot of reservations among young people: They are digital natives but interestingly they don’t necessarily have those industries in mind when they are planning their careers. Furthermore, it is another aim of Womenize! to present role models and to foster mentorship, because surveys showed that women need role models to promote their own careers more easily.

We strive to carry on with our empowering mission and aim to spread it across other industries as well. Womenize! connects people, features success stories and highlights on the many activities offered to promote women in the workplace.

FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF WOMENIZE! http://www.gamesweekberlin.com/portfolio/womenize-2018/