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All hardware founders at some point will consider China when it comes to manufacturing. But for outsiders, hardware hub Shenzhen can be hard to navigate: the sheer number of service providers, language barriers, and a different culture of innovation can make it difficult to get started and find the right local partners.

Organisations like Hong-Kong-based Brinc, with deep roots in the Shenzhen ecosystem, are here to help. Brinc’s accelerator program and services are designed to help hardware founders get the first steps right, assisting with keeping Bill of Materials (BOM) costs down, R&D oversight or even full scale contract manufacturing management in China.

Are you a hardware founder about to enter the manufacturing stage? Have you crowdfunded and soon will be facing the need to fill your promise to backers? Then this workshop is for you. It will provide you with an introduction to manufacturing in Shenzhen, and give you the opportunity to get personalized advice from Brinc’s experts.