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Where Robots meet Buddhas

Date: 18th of April 2018

The yearly Innovation and Start-Up Festival, ‘Year of the X’ (www.yearofthex.com) will take place on the 18th of April at the legendary Backstage in Munich.

50 fascinating Speakers from all over the world and many international participants will talk about the future of media/ tech and work. Topics will range from Robotics and AI to Virtual Reality, Biohacking, Blockchain and autonomous driving.

Through keynotes, a Startup track, interactive Workshops and a Touch Tech Area the festival will have a strong experiential and immersive touch.

2018 in the Chinese zodiac marks the Year of the Dog. The dog, as a pack and community animal will be the guiding principle for the whole event, which will influence the whole experience from speaker selection to stage design.

“Year of the X is a mix of Web Summit and Cirque do Soleil,” says founder and CEO Markus von der Lühe. In addition to a startup track, there are also surprising immersive show elements with high entertainment value. Various people from all over the world meet in an emotionally charged atmosphere to promote digital innovation and keep up with the rapid changes in an accelerated society.

Bayern Munich, BMW, Airbnb, Adidas and Swisscom are just some of the brands Speaker will be presenting at the festival.

For more information or to get a ticket – go here: www.yearofthex.com. Contact:

Markus von der Lühe