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Young Business & the Blockchain, May 17, Berlin

Grover invites 3 speakers from different ends of the blockchain’s (never-ending) spectrum, to give insight and learning from their experiences starting up their own company.

We invite everyone with varying degrees of experience in this world to come, enjoy a free drink or two, ask questions & make connections within this universe and beyond.

Talk 1: Nathan from Minespider – Minespider was created to address a particular challenge in the mineral supply chain – conflict minerals.

Metals purchased from conflict zones fund armed groups and often result in human rights abuses such as slavery and child labor. Performing due diligence on the mineral supply chain is exceptionally difficult because conflict metals are not uniquely identifiable and can be mixed with material from clean sources. http://minespider.com/

Talk 2: Matteo from Livepeer.tv – Livepeer is a project to create a crypto-incentivised protocol for live-streaming of audio and video.

Matteo will explain some of the objectives of the project, as well as to give an overview of what is happening in Livepeer Community in Berlin.

Livepeer’s protocol launched on Ethereum’s mainnet on 30 April 2018. This launch generated 10,000,000 Livepeer Tokens (LPT). Livepeer is distributing approximately 63% of these Livepeer Tokens (LPT) to over 2.6 million Ethereum accounts. Find out if you are one of these accounts at http://livepeer.org/participate

Talk 3: TBC

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