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The Zurkow StartUp Festival connects the vibrant StartUp communities in Zurich and Krakow. Get inspired by interesting talks and workshops. Network in a relaxed atmosphere or enjoy live music by Swiss and Polish artists in one of our partner clubs.
The festival takes place from 23. – 25. November 2017 in Krakow, Poland. Find out more here.

The festival’s main focus lies on the exchange of polish and swiss startup wisdom, music and culture. But of course people from every nation and cultural background are more than welcome to take part in this exceptional event.

International collaboration is one of two focus topics at the Zurkow Festival. The goal behind the festival is a symbiosis of StartUp scenes. For now mainly the ones in Krakow and Zurich. That’s also how the name Zurkow came to life. There’s so much potential in these two communities just by themself and we believe that an exchange between the two and maybe even a long-term collaboration between swiss and polish StartUps can create incredible things.

In a wider perspective the Zurkow organisation has the goal to form a longtime platform between StartUps worldwide. Possibly, even with
physical facilities in cities. The other focus topic is innovation. It’s a word that was dragged to an endless amounts of articles, discussions, conferences, meetings and so on. But what is innovation? What really makes something innovative today, how can we really be original and how do we avoid just being a copy of something that has already been done? That is really one of the big make or break clues for StartUps. An unoriginal company is like a fish in a puddle.

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