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About Startup Calendar

Startup Calendar is an English language platform for startup and tech events in Germany and Europe. It was launched in late 2014, as a spin-off project of magazines Berlin Valley and The Hundert. Startup Calendar is the go-to site for all international founders and fans alike who want to find startup events focusing on various themes such as blockchain, fintech, AI, e-commerce, education and others. Startup Calendar lists these according to theme as well as according to region, and our weekly newsletter transports the most important and relevant events conveniently to your inbox, free of charge. Startup Calendar aggregates and curates events (such as fairs, demo days, workshops, meetups) from about 50 different channels. You can add your event to the site through the Submit Event tab.

Startup Calendar is a tool for entrepreneurs, investors and startup interested people alike. It gives an overview of what is happening in the tech scene in Europe, of which Events you should go to. It serves as a guide. For this reason, the platform is English-speaking: it should be understandable to everybody. Our reach is Europe wide, not forgetting the local scenes.

London, Berlin, Stockholm, Barcelona, Helsinki and Dublin are arguably the most important startup hubs in Europe at the moment, as well as Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Hamburg in Germany. Startup Calendar´s editors are based in Berlin. For any questions or queries, please feel free to contact us.