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Startup Events Munich

A population of almost 1.5 million brings Munich in as Germany’s third largest city behind the capital Berlin and Hamburg. Capital of Germany’s southernmost state, Bavaria, Munich is perhaps best known for its annual Oktoberfest, a beer festival, and celebration of Bavarian culture. But Munich is also undoubtedly a key player in the German startup scene. Whilst high living costs are an obstacle to young companies, the city also attracts large numbers of investors and zero equity accelerators such as TechFounders, attached to Munich Technical University.

Networking in Munich is made easier by a number of events and grassroots meetings. Some of the most spectacular startup events in Germany are taking place here, keep yourself updated with Startup Calendar.

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Upcoming Startup Events in Munich

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Startup scene Munich

Many of the leading high-tech and industrial companies based here are actively involved in the startup ecosystem: definitely an important growth factor. Munich has a long tradition with technology companies and many of these established companies invest in the startup scene and open their own accelerator programs to support new generation´s entrepreneurial spirit.

The most important Startup Events in Munich

„Bits & Pretzels is an application-only, three-day festival that connects 5,000 founders, investors, startup enthusiasts, and all other decision-makers of the startup ecosystem. The festival takes place in a unique setting around the Oktoberfest in Munich from September 30th – October 2nd, 2018.“ – Bits & Pretzels

„DLD stands for Digital, Life, Design and explores how the digital age fundamentally changes our life, society and business. Founded in 2005, DLD started as in intimate gathering of friends. Since then it has developed into an interdisciplinary, internationally connected platform for people who have changed or will change the world – with their creativity, their business model, their research findings or their personal involvement in a cause close to their heart.“ – DLD Conference

„We provide a platform for global change makers to empower digital innovation and social impact.

This is your chance to enter the community!“ – YEAR OF THE X


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