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Startups and Corporates Events

Startups and Corporate may not seem to have much in common. That´s probably why they complement each other so well. Codeword is collaboration.
A startup is a new business venture while a corporation is more like a body of individuals  working in a well-established company. Startups, while trying to keep their ideas and projects alive, know that only the sky is the limit. Usually, a startup begins with just few people, sometimes even just one person and there might not be defined divisions. This pushes founders to think outside of the box, come up with creative solutions to difficult problems. Building a startup is exhausting, but also so rewarding!

A corporation, on the other hand, is an already well-established company. Competition is usually not as fierce here and they usually have sufficient funds and number of departments and different teams. A corporate can give you the stability a young startup may not. But, especially for the younger generation, working in a corporation may prove – compared to a startup – rather monotonous.

Good news is that there is great potential in the cooperation of Startups and Corporates. Startups can play a key role in the digitization of the economy – if the industry lets them. The roles are clear: corporates bring their experience, customers, networks and capital, startups their innovative ideas, their agility and their entrepreneurial spirit. This is why Startups and Corporates need to work closer together. The best way to get to know each other are Conferences, Demo Days and Workshops.

Startup Calendar has recognized the potential of this collaboration. Depending on which side you belong to, on Startup Calendar you will surely find the best opportunity to exchange skills and experiences with other actors in the market, either coming from the startup or corporate world.

Additionally, Startup Calendar provides an overview of the most important conferencesdemo daysworkshops, and meetups on the trend topics such as blockchainfintechartificial intelligence and Startups & Corporates.

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A match made in Heaven?

A GfK market research shows that only six percent of 2000 large companies (>250 million euros in annual revenue) surveyed, regard digitization as their primary concern. Startups can show Corporates the way to a continuous prosperity and explain how late moves in digitization are likely to result in disruption.

As EY Start-up Director Peter Lennartz summarizes: “Startups play a prominent role in the development of new technologies, innovative services and products, or digital business models. They are more open, creative and agile, freer and more adventurous than established companies. “

“The NKF Summit is a startup crash course for corporates. With this digitization conference, NKF Media offers a platform for the exchange between startups and established companies. In terms of content, it’s all about the burning question of how old-established companies of different sizes make the most of digitization with the help of startups.” – Read more

“CUBE (cube-global.com) is a global ecosystem dedicated to bridging the gap between top B2B startups and major industry leaders. With a deep understanding of startups and corporations, and their vastly different cultures, CUBE connects these unlikely partners through a network of touchpoints worldwide, and acts as the most efficient B2B matchmaking service available. Through a year-round program CUBE also offers industry and startups a space to collaborate via its Cooperation Space in the heart of Berlin.” – Read more

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